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Nautical Tourism in Sachsen-Anhalt

Ready for boarding! Thanks to the initiative “Blue Ribbon” in Sachsen-Anhalt you can discover the region all around the Elbe and their tributaries from the water - whether by motorboat, canoe and rowboat or during a cozy ride on one of the passenger ships.

The initiative “Blue Ribbon” ’s river accompanying routes bid bike tours, hikes and horseback riding. The “Blue Ribbon” land and water system is signposted and provides orientation on the Elbe, Havel, Unstrut, Oberer and lower Saale as well as on the Midland Canal and the Elbe-Havel Channel. The information panels, “Blue Ribbon”, mark suggestion points.

Numerous seas and beaches of which likewise belong to the initiative “Blue Ribbon” in Sachsen-Anhalt await swimmers, yachts(wo)men, surfers, divers and sun worshipers.  The “Geiseltalsee”, Germany’s largest artificial lake, is located in southern Sachsen-Anhalt. The Goitzsche, also known as “Bitterfelder Sea“, is nearly just as large. Here you will find a marina as well as gastronomic and tourist tips. Yachts(wo)men particularly love Arendsee, Bergwitzsee and the Kelbra Reservoir. Surfers can prove themselves on Lake Concordia.

Numerous cultural programs and events, like bona fide port celebrations, dynamic powerboat racings or classical concerts on the lake expand what “Blue Ribbon” in Sachsen-Anhalt has to offer. Thus nautical tourism in Sachsen-Anhalt uniquely combines adventure and relaxation in original river landscapes with culture and pleasure on the brink of many lakes and waterways.


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