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Welcome to Saxony-Anhalt

Experience Germany’s cultural treasure chest. No other place in Germany has conserved as much evidence of more than 1000 years of German and European history as the area of today’s Sachsen-Anhalt. Visitors can enjoy this whilst experiencing some of the most worthwhile sights in the world.

Saxony-Anhalt is well worth a visit – several, in fact!

This is where Martin Luther carried out his work, leaving his mark on the state and transforming it into the Cradle of the Reformation. This is where the Bauhaus reached its heyday and developed its distinctive style, which made it the absolute icon of modernity to this day. Saxony-Anhalt has the highest concentration of World Heritage Sites in Germany: the Bauhaus Dessau, Luther’s Wittenberg and Eisleben, Quedlinburg’s Old Town, the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz and the Naumburg Cathedral.


The most important rules at a glance:

When it comes to protection against Corona, the state government will in future be relying primarily on the individual responsibility of its citizens and on the uniform federal regulations of the Infection Protection Act, which are valid until April 7, 2023. According to these, for example, passengers on long-distance public transport or people in hospitals, doctors' surgeries and similar facilities are required to wear a respiratory protection mask. Employees in hospitals or in nursing care must also provide proof of testing at least three times a week.

Irrespective of this, the state government is appealing to Saxony-Anhalt residents to behave in a health-conscious manner and protect others, e.g. by observing distance and hygiene rules. It also asks that vaccination protection be maintained.

The 18th Corona Containment Ordinance of the state, which is currently still valid up to and including December 7, 2022, is expiring. Regulated was here last practically only the mask obligation in the public transport. In view of the fact that both the transport ministers and the health ministers of the federal states were unable to agree on a common position on the mandatory use of masks in local public transport, and that there are also differing positions on this issue in the scientific community and the public, the state government has decided not to extend the ordinance. This decision was also made against the background that masks are no longer mandatory in public spaces such as sports halls, cinemas or restaurants.

To provide you with the best information possible, we have listed relevant links with important content concerning the topic of coronavirus:


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