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Sky Paths

Heaven on Earth

In the south of Sachsen-Anhalt archaeologically unique findings of international importance give meaning to four “Sky Paths”-stations about the prehistory of a region that ranked once among the most important centers of Europe. The State Museum for Prehistory in Hall (Saale)’s Nebra Sky Disc is one of the most important archaeological findings of our time. Existing 3,600 years, it is the oldest concrete stellar illustration in the world.

For thousands of years humankind has observed the night sky in order to fathom the secrets of life. Also the touristic adventure trail “Sky Paths” in Sachsen-Anhalt pursues no smaller question than that of the meaning of life, its origin and future. The answer is in the stars. Embark on a journey to the stars! In Halle, Goseck, Langeneichstädt and Nebra exciting exhibitions await you all around heaven on earth.


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