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Art in Museums

From Old Masters and Creative Newcomers

You can discover the most variety of artworks in all Sachsen-Anhalt!

As one of the best academies of art in the world the University for Art and Design in Fort Giebichenstein in Halle forms young artists.

The discoveries as well as innumerable works of fine art are to be seen in the galleries and museums in Sachsen-Anhalt. The State Art Museum is in Moritzburg Gallery in Halle. Historical collections, exhibits of arts and crafts and works of the classical modernism are complemented through thematic exhibitions. You will find the largest collection of old paintings in Sachsen-Anhalt at the Anhalt Picture Gallery in Georgium Castle. Whoever is an enthusiast of contemporary art and sculptures should pay a visit to the “Kunstmuseum Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen” in Magdeburg.

But art is not only limited to museums and galleries. In Sachsen-Anhalt art is also in numerous roads and on public squares: the mural of Joachmin Triebsch on “Großen Klausstraße” in Hall is well known throughout the city. In the east of Halle the grey facades of a whole street were made multicolored in the context of the project “Free Space Gallery“.  The Green Citadel of the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser in Magdeburg is worth a visit.


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